IBSI SalesVision

Global FinTech Supplier Sales Analytics Portal with 14,000+ deals

IBSI SalesVision is the most comprehensive dataset tracking global banking FinTech system sales on a weekly basis. It provides access to 14,000+ system sales history for 500+ technology suppliers, across 1700+ systems, covering 195 countries since 2009.

About SalesVision

IBSI SalesVision is a proprietary deal dataset with analytics. It is used by banks, banking technology suppliers, consulting firms and investment firms in a variety of ways to add value to their business and make market informed decisions. SalesVision assist in the following ways:

  • Benchmark sales performance of leading suppliers by geography & system type.
  • Provide deep competitor insights and a track record of their successes.
  • Help a bank CTO develop a strong understanding of technology investments by peer banks.
  • Develop an excellent understanding of an investment track record by market.
  • A lead generation tool for global suppliers as it will indicate buying trends by specific banks.
  • Assists PE funds in performing a more comprehensive due diligence.
  • Aid consultants to better understand fintech industry and supplier trends.


More than just a dataset. The 5 D’s of SalesVision.

Dicing & Slicing

SalesVision allows you to analyse data using multiple search criteria such as supplier name, system name/ type, country/region, bank name/type & year.

Dashboarding & Searching

SalesVision has integrated insightful dashboards, charts & tables with a strong search functionality. It also enables you to save searches.

Dynamic & Fast

SalesVision data is updated weekly. This along with a superfast response time gives you quick access to information and a great user experience.

On-Demand Insights from Experts

SalesVision allows you access to our expert analysts for any additional questions you may have.

Device Compatibility

SalesVision can be accessed and navigated from your desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of financial institutions are covered in SalesVision?

SalesVision covers only systems sales made to financial Institutions across the globe which are classified under 16 categories that includes Universal Banks, Retail Banks, Commercial/Wholesale Banks, Private Banks, Digital only Banks, Investment Banks, Community Banks, Central/Regional/Development Banks, Microfinance Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance, Investment Services, Lending institutions, Microfinance Institutions, Payment Institutions and Stock Exchanges. Non-financial institutions are beyond the scope of this database.

What types of systems are captured in SalesVision?

The system scope of SalesVision is spread across 10 banking technology areas covering Universal banking, Retail, Wholesale, Private, Lending, Risk Management, Payments, Investment & Fund Management, Digital Channels and CRM systems.

How are the system sales deal captured and validated?

IBSI has a dedicated team of fintech researchers and experienced analysts who, along with the editorial team, regularly track banking technology system deals from both secondary and primary sources. Information on banking technology system sales is captured from various sources including publicly available news articles, IBSI’s proprietary knowledge repository of banking technology deals created through personal interactions with the suppliers and industry experts on a regular basis as well as market engagement at leading global fintech events.

What is the frequency of data update? Is it possible to make custom requests for data update?

System sales are tracked on a daily basis and uploaded on the database every week after complete validation. An annual subscription to SalesVision also includes custom data requests where the user can request for deals to be included for specific suppliers, systems and regions. This is then accommodated by the SalesVision team in its weekly update cycle.

What are types of subscription? Is the data downloadable?

The subscription is annual with the option of a single user access or an enterprise subscription which provides 5 user accesses. While the data is not downloadable, the tool in itself allows the user to perform various analysis using the visual dashboards and as well as manipulation of the raw data.

What type of analysis is possible using the database?

SalesVision allowes the user to carry out their own slicing and analysis of the data using the nine key filters offered in tool. The user can also use various visualization tools through interactive dashboards provided in the tool. In addition, the user can also ask our experienced team of analysts for further insights on the data as per specific requirements through on-demand analyst offering that is bundled along with the SalesVision tool.